The Luxe Album offered by Modern Album Designs is a contemporary flush mount wedding album. It is a wedding album designed for those who want elegant simplicity, but not austerity. Cover materials are available in animal-free leatherette, classic linen, or Japanese fabrics, with various photo option displays for the front. Available in several formats, the inside covers are decorated with your choice of Japanese-patterned accent fabric. Finally, the album is handsomely presented in its own matching storage box.

Custom Box Included

Presentation is important to you, so every album comes with a custom matching storage box at no extra cost.

Unique Inside Fabric

It's all in the details. Each album and storage box is lined with your choice of unique inside cover fabrics.


Our design/print/bind workflow means that we take care of all the work, and you get all the credit.


Album Sizes:

8x8", 10x10", 12x12",
10x7", 14x10", 18x12"

Paper Types:

Lustre (default)
Metallic (upgrade)

Total Sides:

Min: 20 sides
Max: 60 sides


Folded (uncut)

Storage Box:

Free with each album


Available in various colors

Inside Fabric:

Standard with each album

Page Thickness:

Thicker Option

Album Cover Options

Our Luxe Album line offers many cover options and cover materials, along with a set of unique inside cover fabrics. These materials will be matched by the custom storage box. (Click on each thumbnail below to see a larger version.)

Standard Cover

The standard cover is a blank cover in your choice of various leatherette colors.

Acrylic Cameo

A square photo is displayed on top of the cover, with an acrylic plate protecting the photo.

Acrylic Cameo Accent

Along with the acrylic square photo, a vertical strip of leatherette or fabric is used to accent the cover.

Photo Strip

A photo strip adorns the cover to create a visually appealing effect.

Inset Photo

A photo of any size and shape is embedded as an inset onto the cover. The photo can be placed anywhere on the cover.

Standard Photo

A UV-coated photo is wrapped around the front cover, with part of the leatherette material showing from the spine.

Acrylic Photo

Similar to the standard photo cover, but the photo is protected using a high-gloss acrylic plate - yielding a stunning effect.

Metal Photo

The brushed metal photo will give the album a modern feel, especially with a B&W or sepia image.

Looks great! But how much does it cost?

Because there are so many options available with our Luxe Albums,
we ask that you submit your email address to us so we can send you full pricing details.

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Cover Selection

Below are the standard leatherette color choices for the Luxe Album. Click on each swatch icon below for an enlarged view.

Inside Fabric Selection

Below are the standard leatherette color choices for the Luxe Album. Click on each swatch icon below for an enlarged view.

International Customer? Yes, we ship overseas!

We are based in the US, but we ship our products worldwide -
Europe, Australia, Asia, and anywhere else in between.
Just let us know what you need!

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Visualize Your Album Cover

Visualize your Luxe Album with our album builder below. Simply select your cover type at the bottom, and then select the appropriate cover material options. Please note that this tool is used for simulation purposes only and may not reflect the true color and scale of the album. All textures and patterns have been enlarged to provide a better view.

Page Options & File Specs

Page Options: Our "standard" page thickness is approx. the thickness of a dime, which maintains rigidity while providing a modern "book" feel. The binding is true layflat binding, with no cut in the center gutter.

A "thicker" page option is also available. (Only available for 40 sides or less.)

The album pages are printed using Fuji Professional luster paper and UV coated for protection. The UV coating slightly reduces the "contrast" of the photographic print - if this is a concern, be sure to request for no UV coating from us.

Metallic paper is also available as an extra option. Please see our price list for further details.

Print & Bind File Specifications: Please note that we only accept JPEG files with sRGB color space at 300dpi. All files submitted for print & bind should be print-ready. (Please double-check spelling, alignments, safety trim, etc.!) We do not provide any color correction services for print & bind orders. See table for exact file dimension requirements. All albums start and end as a *single* side. Everything in between should be designed as full spreads
Album Size First/Last Side Inside Spreads Cameo
Photo Cover
(all types)
Photo Strip
8x8" 10x10" @ 300dpi 20x10" @ 300dpi 3x3" 7.81x10.25" 3x10.5"
10x10" 10x10" @ 300dpi 20x10" @ 300dpi 3x3" 7.81x10.25" 3x10.5"
12x12" 10x10" @ 300dpi 20x10" @ 300dpi 3x3" 10.25x12.25" 3x12.5"
10x7" 10x7" @ 300dpi 20x7" @ 300dpi 3x3" 7.81x7.25" 3x10.5"
14x10" 14x10" @ 300dpi 28x10" @ 300dpi 3x3" 11.81x10.25" 3x10.5"

Please note that all square album requirements are the same regardless of album dimensions. Up to 3/8" may be cut from all outside edges.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our turn around time for printing and binding is approximately 2 weeks. A rush option of 1 week is available. Please note this does not include shipping time.
No, there is no cut in the gutter. Each spread is folded, but you should still avoid placing heads or other critical body parts in the gutter.
The standard page thickness is approximately the same thickness of a dime. A "thicker" page is available as an option. Please see our photos for a comparison.
Our albums are hand-made locally here in Northern California, USA.
The first side should be named "side01.jpg". The last side should be named "sideXX.jpg". (e.g. side30.jpg) The rest of the spreads should be named spread01.jpg, spread02.jpg, etc.
We use Fuji Professional luster paper with a UV coating for protection.
Yes, we offer imprinting for the covers.
Of course! We have a complete design/print/bind service that is very convenient. Please see our pricelist for details.
Yes, we can ship our albums anywhere. You will need to be responsible for any duties/VAT/taxes collected by your country. Contact us and we can give you an approximate shipping cost.
Yes, we can print out albums on metallic paper. See the price list for details.
Our albums are sold to photographers at a wholesale price - we do not want to confuse consumers with pricing that might not be accessible to them.
For US shipments, we generally use UPS ground. For Canada and international shipments, we generally use the US Postal Service.
If the album is shipped to a California address and you do not have a CA reseller permit, we will have to collect tax on the album. If you have a CA reseller permit, please fill out the following form.
Yes, we have an unbranded PDF brochure that you can send to your clients. Click here to download it.