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We can design for all major album companies - including Graphistudio, Finao, Leather Craftsman, Zookbinders, Millers, WHCC, Nations Lab, etc.

Clean & Modern Design Style

This is our most popular design style where images are presented in clean layouts. With no extraneous distractions, the images themselves tell the story. Backgrounds are in either white or black, and a thin border may be added to the photos. No tilts. No fades. For the strongest dramatic effect, we recommend no more than 2 images per side on average.

Backdrops Design Style

Building upon the Clean & Modern style from above, the backdrops style adds background images to enhance the layout. The backgrounds may be semi-opaque, or gradient-faded. Depending on client preferences, the backdrops may be used sparingly or frequently in the design.

Touch of Color Design Style

This style of design draws upon the colors appearing in your client's wedding and utilizes them as either background colors, frames, or other supporting elements. It also mixes in a combination of the clean & modern, and backdrops style to tie the overall design together.

Indian Wedding Album Design Style

Indian Wedding Album Designs are a special category because of the complexity of the design, along with the presence of vivid colors and multitude of ceremonial events spanning multiple days. We are very experienced with Indian marriage albums and Indian wedding album cover designs. See how our Luxe Albums fit so well for Indian Wedding Albums.

Any Style You Can Imagine!

We're not just limited to the design styles you see here. As custom wedding album designers, we can create any album design style that you can imagine. Click on the button below to see more sample design styles!

Optional Enhancements

For those wanting more to their wedding album designs, choose one or more of our optional add-on enhancements:

Embellishment: Classic
Embellishment: Swirls
Embellishment: Classic
Embellishment: Floral
Embellishment: Ribbons
Embellishment: Swirls
Borders: Sloppy Borders
Borders: Torn Edges
Borders: Cross Fade
Borders: Rounded Corners
Borders: Cross Fade
Borders: Photo Frames
Backgrounds: Floral
Backgrounds: Antique
Backgrounds: Distressed
Backgrounds: Damask
Backgrounds: Grunge
Backgrounds: Antique
Backgrounds: Modern
Backgrounds: Grunge
Backgrounds: Modern
Typography: Name Plate
Typography: Lyrics
Typography: Vows
Typography: Lyrics
Typography: Lyrics
Typography: Vows

Here are more examples of complete wedding album designs utilizing various design styles and enhancements:

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Our album design workflow is so smooth and efficient, you'll kick yourself for not discovering us sooner!

  • Order & Upload

    Fill out the order form and upload your images to us.

  • We Design

    We'll create a storytelling design based on your images.

  • Proofing

    Your layout will be uploaded onto our proofing site.

  • Edits & Approval

    We'll take care of edits from your clients until they approve!

General FAQ

We can design for almost any album company in the world. We have the design specifications for most album companies, so when you receive your design files, they will be ready for printing.
Our typical design uses one to three images per side. So, for a typical 30-side album, we recommend approx. 60 to 90 images; however, we do not have any hard restrictions.
Absolutely! You can submit them either in the same folder, or split them into folders such as "must-have" and "optional". Be careful not to submit TOO MANY images to us though. You should submit no more than twice the number of images intended for the design.
We accept JPEGs only, preferably in the native resolution of the camera that was used. (For example, if the camera was a 10 megapixel camera, you should send us 10 megapixel JPEGs.
Absolutely! We have designed for portraits, boudoirs, events, parties, etc.
Our standard turnaround time is 2 weeks or less. (usually less) A rush option is available.
There are many ways to let us know your specific style and preferences: You can write a small paragraph describing what you like, what you don't like, as well as any other preferences - we will then keep that on file as reference. You can look through our sample designs and let us know which ones you like. You can send us thumbnails or links to existing designs that you like, and we can then simulate the style.
Yes, just point us to your existing designs, and we'll do our best to emulate the design style.
Once we have established your design style preferences, we always assign the same album designer(s) for your albums. Any preferences that you communicate to us are saved on file as well.
Our Standard Design Service allows an unlimited number of revisions at no extra charge. Be sure to read our Terms of Service with details on what is included and not included in the unlimited revisions. We also have other design levels which includes fewer revisions.
We have our own online proofing website. You can forward the link directly to your client. Your client can enter comments directly on the preview link - the comments will be emailed to both you and us once the "send comments" button is clicked.
No. The design preview link will have your logo, and the URL address used will not allow your clients to trace it to us. We never contact your clients directly.
You can either email us directly, or on the preview page, enter "approve" for the approval password.
Once you approve your design, it goes through our "approval" process. We'll double-check for any alignment and image issues. Once done, we'll upload the design files and will notify you once the files are available for download.

After you submit

Our standard designs are done within 2 weeks or less. If you have not heard from us after 2 weeks of your submission, please email or give us a call. Sometimes, our notification emails may fall into your spam folder.
Once you receive the initial layout from us, if you (the photographer) have any feedback and changes for us, please email us directly. The “comment box” on the preview link is intended for your clients to enter their feedback. Anything written there can be seen by everyone who opens up that page. If you have no changes, you can simply forward the preview link directly to your clients.
Your clients can enter all their edit notes into the “comment box” of the preview page. Please note that the box is used to hold all the notes at once, it does not refresh per-page. Once your client submits their notes, the content will be emailed to both you (the photograher) and to us. We would then automatically work on the edits.
If your edits require additional images that we do not have, we will send you a notification email along with an upload link. You can always upload missing images via this link:
To approve your design, simply click on the “Approval Tool” icon at the bottom of the preview page. It will prompt you for a password, which is “approve”. Please do not give the approval password to your clients, as the approval page will have links to your invoice.
Once you approve your designs and your invoice is paid, we will upload your files and you will receive a download link.

Design Feedback

Yes! Let us know as clearly as possible what your preferred design style is. Better yet, show us some examples (either your old designs or our examples) that you like. If we have a good understanding of your design style, then chances are very good that our initial design will be exactly what you like.
Write us an email and let us know exactly what and why you liked the layout. Once you do that, we'll keep that under your preferences file so that we can refer to it for your future album designs. We will also make a note of the designer and will make sure we try to assign you the same designer in the future.
Relax....we can easily fix it. First, let us know in *general* what aspects of the design you did not like. You can give specific examples to highlight your points - but, you do not have to go through page by page to document every single change. Also, if we misunderstood your design style, try to point out a concrete example of a style that you do like. Once we have a better understanding of what you are looking for, we can modify the design.
My preferred design style has changed since my last album, how do I communicate this to you?
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