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Life is short - don't spend it in front of your computer.
Our post-production services can relieve you hours of tedious work.
If you are considering outsourcing your post-processing and editing, consider us!


Glad you asked! We're a small team based in California, and we work closely with our photographer clients to provide them with personalized editing services. No, we don't promise crazy 24-hour turnaround times, or too-good-to-be-true prices. But, we do deliver consistent, quality edits at an affordable rate. And if you call us up, you'll speak to our owner each and every time!


Shot several hundred, or several thousand, images and don't want to go through them to pick out the best ones? Our culling service is for you then.


We utilize Adobe Lightroom to make your images look the best they can be. We don't just "color-correct", we "image-correct" your photos!

Image Retouching

From simple blemish removal, to major image re-construction, our retouchers are always up for the challenge. Let us show you what we can do!

Customer Profile: Ruben Parra Studio

Ruben Parra captures the raw emotions of weddings in their entirety - from tearful first looks of the bride and groom, to the wild celebrations of the wedding reception. Working with challenging indoor lighting situations, he is able to produce striking images.

Customer Profile: Jess + Nate Studios

The husband and wife team of Jess + Nate Studios distinguishes themselves with smooth, silky, and subtle imagery that immediately define their unique style. Their ability to find and capture such lighting in any situation highlights their skills as photographers.

Customer Profile: Benjamin Kohen Photography & Cinematography

Benjamin Kohen Photography & Cinematography prides itself with creating dramatic images through the use of various lighting techniques. Often working with weddings that are hectic and chaotic, they are able to focus and capture rewarding images for their brides and grooms.

How much will it cost me?

We have a unique pricing structure that uses the total number of images you submit to provide an affordable rate. It is not a flat "per image" fee - the more images you submit, the lower the per image editing rate. As an example - 500 images cost approx. $160, while 1000 images cost $270. For full pricing details, please submit your details to our contact us page.



Fill out an order form and submit your images to us. If you shoot RAW, we prefer Lightroom "Smart Preview" catalogs.

Video tutorial link


We'll send you an online proofing link for your images. Take a look and let us know if you need any further changes.


Once you approve, we'll send you back either a LR catalog, JPEG or XMP files.

Video tutorial link

Standard Color Correction

Our post-processing service aims to achieve a true-to-life rendition of colors in your images. Skin tones are warmed slightly to give a healthy glow to subjects. In each image, faces are given the priority in overall exposure adjustments. For high ISO images, a slight noise reduction may be applied. Click here to see how we utilize all the features of Adobe Lightroom to enhance your images.

B&W Conversion

Good B&W conversion is much more than simply clicking a B&W button. It starts off with determining which photos are good candidates to become quality B&W images. Next, we adjust contrast, highlights and shadows to make sure that the resulting B&W image is not muddy. Finally, we may adjust individual color tones maintain a glow to the subject's skin.

Selected Highlight Images For Blogs & Social Media

Posting highlights of your wedding images onto blogs and social media should be an integral part of your marketing plan, but not many photographers have the time and discipline for this - especially during the busy wedding season. With our Selected Highlight Images service, our editors will choose 30-40 images from your wedding catalog, and we will edit it with an extra "oomph" so they will be suitable for posting to blogs and social media. This includes extra saturation, vignetting, and applying presets. Note that this is not a retouching service - everything is done within Lightroom.


Albums Designed


Images Edited


Happy Brides


Hours Saved

Summary of our Post-Production Services

Our post-production service is flexible and customizable for every type of photographer.
We can cull your images only, edit only, or cull and edit your images.


Perfect for weddings, events, and portrait sessions where you just need basic adjustments made.

  • Custom White Balance
  • Color Temperature
  • Color Tint
  • Exposure
  • Contrast
  • Highlights
  • Shadows
  • White/Black Levels
  • Clarity
  • Vibrance
  • Saturation


When you require a certain look to your images, or if specific color and extensive adjustments are needed.

  • All Basic Edits plus...
  • HSL adjustments
  • Noise Reduction
  • Sharpening
  • Tilt Image
  • Crop Image
  • Vignette
  • Apply custom tone curve
  • Apply custom preset


We'll pick out the bad images from your shoot.

  • Eyes closed
  • Weird expressions
  • Out of focus
  • Unrecoverable image
  • Duplicate Image
  • Bad Composition
  • People in background
  • Shaky camera
  • Wrong exposure

Workflow Details and FAQ

Sending Files to Us

Sending your images to us for post-processing is easy. Simply select the workflow you use below and follow the instructions.

If you shoot RAW and you utilize Lightroom 5 (or above) in your studio, then you have the ideal workflow for submitting images to us. After you import your RAW files into your Lightroom catalog, simply "export" a new catalog with Smart Preview enabled. Upload the exported Smart Preview catalog to us, which will be much smaller than the original RAW files. Click here to see a video tutorial on how to prepare LR5 Smart Preview catalogs.
If you shoot JPEG images, then you will need to upload the original high-resolution JPEG files to us. We will process your JPEG files in Adobe Lightroom and will return the adjusted JPEG files to you when done.
If you shoot RAW and you do not use Lightroom, you can send us the full RAW files. For a faster method, you can use Adobe's DNG Converter (Windows or Mac) to compress your RAW files into smaller DNG files. After we're done with our post-processing, we can send you the XMP files for you to import using Photoshop Camera RAW.

Receiving Files from Us

Once you approve your post-processing proofs, this section describes what files to expect from us.

After we're done with our post-processing, we'll return your Lightroom catalog. All you need to do is to open up your original catalog and then "import" our catalog. And just like magic, all the adjustments we've made will automatically be applied to your images. From there, you can continue with your normal workflow. Click here to see a video tutorial on how to import LR catalogs from us.
We'll return edited JPEGs to you.
If you use Adobe Photoshop (Adobe Camera RAW) on your end, we can return XMP files to you. That way, you can perform further adjustments if needed, or simply merge the XMP files to your original RAWs to generate JPEG files. Otherwise, we can also generate and send back JPEG files to you.

General FAQ

We accept RAW, DNF, and JPEG files, but our preferred file type is the Lightroom Smart Preview catalogs, which are significantly smaller in size. See the above section on how to export LR smart preview catalogs.
We use Adobe Lightroom for color correction.
No, please do NOT rename your local images once you've sent us a copy. You will need to synchronize your files after we return the XMP or Lightroom catalog to you.
We can color correct any type of images, including weddings, portraits, or events.
It depends on the number of images you submit to us. 500 images or less is usually completed within 5 days. 2000 images or less is usually completed within 10 days.
First, you should always send us past examples of your corrected images. We keep those on record and will review them before each job. If there is a particular processing style for a group of images you like, you can also edit one and let us use that as a reference image.
We always encourage you to send us examples of what your corrected images look like. It will be much more helpful than trying to describe your preference to us. In addition, we will review your previous orders before processing your current one in order to maintain consistency.
With our extensive album design background, we're experts at catering to custom preferences and styles - which is key to making sure your images look consistent. We also proof your images and allow you feedback before your job is finalized.
Yes, of course! Please clik on the "Free Trial" tab for more details.
Our standard service service includes only "global" adjustments. That means the entire image is affected by the adjustments. Cloning out specific details or dodging/burning specific areas of image is not included, but can be added as an optional retouching/enhancement service.
Yes! Just let us know what needs to be done and we'll provide you a quote.
Click on the "Place Order" menu item under "Get Started", and simply fill out the post-processing order form.
Please see the above section on what to do with the files you get back from us.
Yes, please see our pricing page for more details.

Whether you need to cull thousands of wedding images or color correct hundreds of photos from a portrait session, we got your back! Say goodbye to photo processing and all the headaches it comes with. Let our professional post processing service handle your photography needs and more. Here at Modern Album Designs, we use Adobe Lightroom as our photo editing software to process images and we accept raw images, jpeg images and Lightroom catalogs. Our Basic Edit is perfect if you just need basic adjustments in your images while our Extended Edit is recommended if you require a preset, HSL adjustments or just need that extra oomph with image effects. Try our free trial now.

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